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- Where members can have SFP staff help them create original music (audio and video), film, TV/internet shows, and demo reels.

- Where members (at monthly workshops) can create original material and showcase themselves as not only actors and singers but also as writers, producers, directors and editors. 

- Song writers will have the opportunity to publish their work through Sunshine Face music publishing.

- Where there will be at least one workshop a month (if not more) showing original music videos, films, TV, and internet shows.  This will also be a time where singing artists can showcase their album (demo/finished master CD). At the end of each workshop, there will be a critique session about what was just reviewed.  

- Most showings will be free to participate in and to view. In some cases, there will be a participation fee and a viewing fee if the studio/theatre space we are using is costly.

- Auditions for the workshops will be two months prior to the performance.

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