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- Where members can audition for original and copy-written shows NJ/NYC. Members can also audition to be in touring (NYC/NJ) theatre troops that will perform original works and copy-written material.

- All shows will incorporate singing, acting, dancing, improv, or a combination of all four.

- There will be auditions for the troop (6-12 male/female performers with 2-4 alternates and one troop master per tour.)

- Where members (at monthly workshops) can create original material and showcase themselves as not only actors but also as writers, producers, directors, stage managers, and choreographers.

- Where there will be at least one workshop per meeting (if not more) performing original theatre, music, improv sketches, and/or dance routines before a membership meeting.  At the end of each workshop, there will be a critique session about what was just viewed.

- Most meeting workshops will be free to participate in and to view for members. In some cases, there will be a participation fee and a viewing fee if the studio/theatre space we are using is costly. 

- Auditions for the workshops will be two-three months prior to the performance.

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