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Sunshine Face Productions was founded by artistic director Rachel Menconi in 2007. Sunshine Face is a theatre & video production company that consists of four divisions (Theatre, Multimedia, Arts Education, Events). Rachel created Sunshine Face Productions with the philosophy that there should be a place where children through adults can come to learn and perform like a professional theatre/film/production conservatory that's affordable, but for serious minded people. Any professional person (children-adult) who loves the arts, should be able to go to one place and just do what they love doing. This is what Sunshine Face Productions is all about.  

One of our goals is to have our students and cast members, whether they want to perform as a career or just as a hobby, to get a great performing arts education so they have the tools and confidence to do their chosen craft throughout life. Another one of our goals is to have the audience walk away feeling something from each performance.  

NOTE FROM RACHEL: "My mom used to call me 'Sunshine Face' when I was little because I always smiled. So I figured what a fitting title for my production/theatre company; a place where all of our theatre/film productions and classes will put a smile on everyone's faces."

All staff members have extensive training, experience, love working with all ages, & are background checked.

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