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Artist Development Program for Actors & Recording Artists

This new artist development program is called PSP (Professional Student Program). PSP is for any performer (ages 10 to adult) who aspire to become professional artists and/or who want to master their technique. 

PSP BENEFITS: Students gain, healthy technique, performance opportunities, professional video footage of all on-camera projects and live performances, reels, headshot/resume help, better business skills, and so much more! Students will learn how to eventually become self-sufficient performers.

PSP students can pick from three majors-

1. Actor (theater, musical theater, on-camera. movement, singing, vocal/body/mind health, and business.)

2. Recording Artist (singing, movement, recording, performance, writing. vocal/body/mind health, and business)

3. Combo (singing, acting, recording, movement, recording, writing, performance, vocal/body/mind health and business.)

There are four PSP Groups-

1. Novice (10-14; Middle School)

2. Student (14-18; High School)

3. Intermediate (18-adult; college age & up)

4. Advanced (Mixed ages; Semi-professionals & pros)

This is an on-going class that allows students to build on their technique, reel, marketing materials, and experience with each class and each session. Multiple sessions per year.

Our teaching staff is comprised of performers, directors, writers, casting directors, music directors, voice teachers, and choreographers. All staff members are fully background checked, professionals in their fields, highly skilled/trained, love what they do, and have many years of experience teaching all ages. 


For more information, please email us with your name, contact information (email AND phone number), and which major you or your child would be interested in signing up for.

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