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Sunshine Face Productions is going to OZ with our new CMK musical theatre program. 

CMK is a children's community theatre program that gives each student professional

training, confidence, and experience all in a nurturing environment. 

Casting of this show will be color blind and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. 

Up to 20 students per cast. Possible double or triple casting will take place if needed. Understudies may also be cast and if understudies are cast, they will get the chance to perform their part. 

WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM ONE OF A KIND? Program includes 120 hours of singing, acting, dancing, and performance. Students will not only rehearse for the show but learn skills that will allow them to apply technique to other songs, scenes, dances, etc after the program is over! Students will actually become better performers and their confidence will grow! Students will also be able to help in creating sets, props, and costumes! The environment of this program is a

noncompetitive/family oriented meets community theater meets professional theater way!

Where: TBA (Classes/Rehearsals either in Montvale, Hackensack, or Saddle Brook NJ)

When: Saturdays

Times: 10 am - 4 pm (6 hours)

Dates: TBA

AUDITIONS: To save time, we are asking all who want to sign up to video their or their child's audition and email it as a link with their registration form. The video can be done with any smartphone, laptop camera, or camera that picks up sound. 

Each student (parent) will be asked to send in a video link (youtube, vimeo, google drive, etc) as an audition with an Oz themed song. The song can be from any of the many musicals based on this classic story (The Wizard Of Oz, Wicked, The Wiz, The Yellow Brick Road, etc). If for some reason they are unable to learn a song in time, they can send a link to them singing any song they feel comfortable with. Singing must be live and be done with live accompaniment or pre-recorded instrumental tracks (karaoke). It is OK to use an instrumental (karaoke) track if it has background vocals. Please NO acapella singing, NO lip-sinking, and NO singing with the singer on the recording.

Each video link audition should also be accompanied with the name, age, picture, and resume of the student. Video or email should also contain why the student wants to be apart of the program. The video shouldn't be any longer then 5 minutes. 

AUDITION TIP FROM ARTISTIC DIRECTOR RACHEL MENCONI: "This audition is for the SFP staff to get to know each student better. Just be yourself and show us what you got!" :-) In person call backs (if needed) will be on the first day of classes.


1. Make sure the student isn't in front of a window or light so they can be seen more clearly.

2. Make sure that where ever the music is playing from, it is not the same place of where the camera is. (Example: if you are recording from a laptop or phone, the music should not be coming from that same laptop or phone. The music source/speaker should not be right next to the video recording device.) This is to make sure the music isn't louder than the student's singing.

3. Make sure that the student can hear the music well.

4. Double check that the video and audio came out the best that it could before sending.

Price: $799

Payment can be with cash, personal check, or US Money Order.  

Payment plans are available.  

Email for registration form.

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