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Kids Fit NJ

We are so excited to have partnered with Kids Fit NJ to offer kids & teens fitness programs as well as parties!

Kids Fit Yoga:

Kids learn to breathe, focus as well as gain strength, & flexibility through this fun program! Children will work on strengthening, balance, & coordination while having an awesome time! Kids Fit Yoga teaches children to work through the hard stuff, breathe, & be more mindful. Fun, creative, kid friendly poses, with grounding activities & more! Great for anxiety, & building children's self-esteem. Great for children & teens.

Kids Fit Boot Camp:

This boot camp contains a fun workout including a kids obstacle course, simple circuit-training, & partner activities. Children will use their body weight to improve strength, flexibility, & core. Fun, functional movement fitness class created especially for children. Great for children 4 & up.

Kids Fit Dance Fitness:

Easy-to-follow, fun choreography to popular dance songs. Children will have a blast dancing, working on cardiovascular endurance while improving their coordination! Children will leave feeling energetic & happy! Perfect for children 4 & up. 

Kids Fit Yoga

Kids Fit Boot Camp

Kids Fit Dance Fitness

About Kids Fit NJ Owner:

Rachel Kutner is the private business owner of Kids Fit NJ & is a Kids Fitness Instructor with over 10 years of experience. Rachel has her Bachelors Degree in Sociology & Psychology from Rutgers University & has also completed Masters coursework towards her Masters in Education. Rachel loves dance, fitness, & movement. She truly believes in health, happiness, & wellness. Rachel has been working with children since 2005 as a Summer Camp Counselor, private babysitter, children's fitness instructor & Program leader. Rachel believes by building a community of healthy, happy kids we will have a bright future for the world. Rachel is on a mission to get kids to move more!! Facebook: Kids Fit NJ


"Rachel (Kutner) is amazing! My daughter loved her yoga class and keeps doing the poses!

I can't wait for her to take the class again tomorrow!" 

- Dana M

"Amazing programing and the best instructor ever!!!" 

- Alex Z

"Five out of five stars!" 

- Riad K

"I like your class because it's not intimidating. You actually care!"

- Yanet (Adult boot camp class)

Kids Fit Yoga

Kids Fit Arts & Crafts

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