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Orchestra Musician's Program


Attention all musicians ages 8 - 20+!

Do you want to have the experience being in a real orchestra? Do you want to perform with other like minded people? Do you want to have the opportunity to play in the pit of not only theater shows but in concerts as well as in a recording studio?

Well now you can!

Sunshine Face Productions is searching for the best musicians ages 8-20+ who are really skilled at their instrument and love what they do. We are looking for students that are able to not only read sheet music well but also can learn to play by ear, play with real feeling, and are comfortable with transposing when needed. (If you can all but can not read sheet music well, we may be able to find a place for you.) If you are chosen, you will be able to play in Sunshine Face Productions' performances and other opportunities in NJ and NYC including playing on an album!

Horns, Strings, Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Flute, etc.

This professional program is like no other. Each participant will get the experience of playing in an real orchestra

and once accepted they will be given the sheet music or lead sheets of their part with a CD or MP3 file of the song. 

At the first rehearsal, students will meet their conductor/music director who is TBA and the

SFP artistic director Rachel Menconi. Rehearsals will continue until the date of the event(s).

Students MUST have their own instruments either by owning or renting.

To audition, please send in a video link of you playing parts of three songs that showcase three different sides of you and your talent. If you play more than one instrument, then pick the one that is your best or that you feel the most comfortable with and then tell us what else you do play and what level your skill set is.

Limited to only 30 participants!

Tuition: $340 per event, per student

(price includes either an filmed/edited performance as a DVD or media file OR the album when it is finished.)

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