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The Indie Film Experience:

A film acting class with customized scene for reel

Students Gain

1. Quality video and audio of a customized scene (written specifically for you!) to start or add to your demo reel.   

2. Acting technique for auditioning and on set use.

3. Experience on a real indie film set and gain an IMDB credit.

4. The proper skills and materials so students can make a great first and lasting impression on industry professionals.

5. Gain the skills you need to become an asset on set.

6. In the final class, students will learn the skills and the proper tools to network/market themselves more effectively in the business. How to make all of your materials (resume format, headshots, demo creation, etc) "Industry Standard" and more will also be covered. By 4 weeks after the last class, each student will be sent their professionally filmed & edited scene to start or add to their acting reels!

When the class is finished, students will have the option of signing up for part two and will continue building on their acting technique as they have two more customized scenes written for them as well as filmed & edited for their reels.

This class is for any actor with some acting experience, that would like to start or add to their acting reels.

Perfect for professional/experienced teens and adults. Professional/well behaved children will also be accepted.



Wednesdays on Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th (Skips Oct 31st) from 7pm-9pm 


Wednesdays on Nov. 7th & 14 from 6:30pm-9:30pm

* Filming end times are approximate. *


On set in Lodi, NJ

Set locations are determined by where the customized scenes take place.

Most set locations are easy to get to by public transit.




Due to the nature of the class (the scene being customized to and written

specifically for you, both the deposit and class fees are non-refundable.

If going to be late, need to leave early, or are not able to make a class, we are

unable to make up that missed time. No refund will be given for any time/class

missed. There are no refunds unless Sunshine Face Productions cancels the class.

If the class is canceled, every registered student will be issued a full refund. All

refunds will be paid within 30 days after notice of cancellation has been received. 



For more information about this season or up coming sessions, please email us with your contact

information and questions to We'd be happy to help the best we can!

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